Health and Safety Training & Management Software

By   January 10, 2017

Contemporary Health and Safety Training Software

In today’s fast paced environments, managing health and safety in medium to large size organisations is almost an impossible without the deployment of some form of health and safety management software to make the process manageable efficient and accurate.

In organisations where many different “work groups” exist, each with their own specific training needs and the requirement to track and manage refresher training courses presents a significant management challenge.

If the person responsible for managing health and safety training fails to keep on top of mission critical training programmes, a whole host of serious issues may arise like increased risks, work performed improperly, accidents as well as statutory fines for operational delinquency.

Fortunately, the influence of major safety organisations like ROSPA has lead to the development and evolution of a wide range of proprietary health and safety training software solutions which enable employers to ensure that their employees receive adequate and timely training, certification and operating licenses required for their particular role.

Health and Safety Training Software Streamlines Management Processes

Essentially, the majority of these software systems enable the management of employees’ individual training needs by enabling managers to create training profiles for different job functions.

Then managers can allocate individual employees to their particular category, set up training programmes for individuals and then monitor their progress through the training provision to ensure that the required training has been undertaken and that an employee’s training record is up to date.

In order to facilitate simple registration for software users, most software systems store the access details of internal and external providers of the kind of health and safety training Blackpool organisations require, as well as login details for website as well as email addresses. They can also incorporate training class attendance registration and booking confirmations by email.

Most systems are configurable in either multi-user or single user format suitable for use with Windows or Apple PC operating systems.

Using Software To Monitor Health and Safety Performance

Contemporary health and safety management software provides many beneficial features to help organisations optimise their overall incident and accident prevention management including: safety inspections, compliance and non-compliance together with incident and accident reports.

In fact, most modern health and safety management software systems eg are able to address almost all prospective health and safety scenarios that may be presented in day to day operational situations. Top end software also allows organisations a degree of customisation on data fields so that data capture and reporting can be aligned to specific health and safety processes.

This type of customisation allows health and safety managers a more convenient and cost effective method of documenting and ongoing maintenance of information regarding process non-compliance issues and prioritisation of remedial corrective activities. Indeed, modern health and safety software also documents recommended prospective remedial activity and if said remedial activity has been undertaken as well as recording details of safety inspections and accident investigations.

These software tools have become so sophisticated that they now include problem solving and troubleshooting functions as well which ensures that they can be adapted to almost any industrial, commercial or not for profit operating conditions. The multiplicity of functions and features of health and safety software applications can address a whole host of incident prevention issues. Most programmes are created in modular form with each module providing different functionality to address a specific set of health and safety issues.

Stems software

For instance, accident prevention modules are designed to capture 5 different types of critical post accident investigation questions including around 30 or so data input fields which when populated with the correct data, help management identify exactly what transpired during a particular incident. These modules offer great flexibility, allowing managers to develop checklists for any type of investigation or inspection.

Sophisticated health and safety software apps provide effective means of analysing and resolving employee safety and accident prevention issues. Some software providers also supply health and safety management applications integrated with environmental health software as well.

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